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This service comprises of €50.00 initial payment, which is payable on delivery of your new bins.

This consists of a €20 deposit for bins and a payment of €30 which is applied to your wheelie bin account.

You will receive an electronic payment card. This allows you to make payments to your Wilton Waste Recycling account at any Payzone outlet (full list available here).

A Fixed Service Charge of €12.50 will be automatically debited from your wheelie bin account at the begining of each month.

The contents of your bins are charged at a per kilo rate each time your bins are emptied as follows:

You can choose to take only waste and recycling bins but remember if you also use our glass and compost bins you will increase your recycling – reducing your waste and so reducing your charges.

dot Waste - 0.23 cent per kg

dot Organic - 0.17 cent per kg

dot Recycle - 0.09 cent per kg

dot Glass - FREE OF CHARGE

You can monitor your waste and recycling weights online at

You must have a minimun credit of €20.00 in your account or your bin will not be emptied.

Once you make a payment at a Payzone outlet or on our Customer Portal, we will send you a text confirming the payment has been applied and details of your new balance.

Once your balance reaches €30.00 or less, we will notify you by text to advise that a payment is due on your account





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